What can I expect from a Calliope Theatre Company production?

Each and every Calliope Theatre Company show features professional lights and sound, beautiful hand-painted scenery, realistic props, and elaborate costumes (and many of those costumes are for your students!)  Whether we are performing in your auditorium, canteen, sports hall, or even your local theatre, you and your students will always enjoy a first-class, professional performance.

Who writes your shows and designs and makes your costumes and set?

The short answer: we do! Our team writes the scripts, designs and makes the costumes and set, compiles the study guides, and, finally, performs the shows for you and your students! We like to use the traditional methods of a typical theatre performance to present a hand-crafted and authentic theatre experience.

How many actors perform your shows?

Our ‘troupe’ is made up three actors, although, with the multiple characters we all play through a performance, you may think that we are more!

How long is a typical performance?

A single performance of one of shows is written to be one hour long. However, since we rely on audience participation (from your students!), this time can vary. The most that a show can last is an hour and 15 minutes.

It is important to mention, however, that we require access to the presentation space in your school approximately one hour before show time to load-in and set up our show. After the show, we need approximately one hour to load-out.

What equipment do you require from my school?

Not that much! We bring all of our own set, costumes, lights and sound. We only require a medium-sized table and access to an electrical outlet.

What is the price of a Calliope Theatre Company production?

The price for one performance of a Calliope Theatre Company show is €625 + %23 IVA. However, we do give discounts for multiple shows on the same date.

Is there a limit of students that can attend a single performance?

We do ask that the number students attending one Calliope Theatre Company production not exceed 200. Obviously, a few over this number isn’t a problem. We find that when the audience is larger than 200 students, our personal interaction with the students becomes limited, and the overall quality of the production is affected. Please make sure to ask about our discounts on multiple shows if you find you have a larger audience!

Can I book a production on the date of my choosing, or does it need to be when you are in my area?

As long as it hasn’t already been reserved, you can book on any date of your choosing! We are based out of Lisbon, but we do not have certain weeks or months that we are in certain areas. However, we do offer discounts if you choose a date close to when we are already in your area, so don’t forget to ask!

Is it mandatory to use the study guides or learn the songs?

No, it isn’t; we would never require teachers to do more work just so their students can see our shows! We do find that the study guides enhance students’ understanding of the play in terms of vocabulary and themes. In our study guides, we pay careful attention to your English-language curriculum guidelines as well as including fun exercises in history, art, and mathematics, and the songs for the younger students help them learn English in a fun and playful way. However, they are completely optional and serve only to aid teachers.