2018-2019 SEASON



How exciting! How amazing!

With the wave of a Fairy Godmother’s wand, a pumpkin becomes an enchanted carriage, mice become unicorns, and Cinderella goes to the Ball where she meets her Prince Charming. But what happens when the clock strikes midnight and the magic ends?

Younger students will be delighted with this beloved fairytale and will join the fun on-stage with Cinderella, the hilarious Ugly Stepsisters and the magical Fairy Godmother!




Elementary, my dear Watson!

Sherlock’s best friend, Dr. Watson has been kidnapped! Sherlock suspects that his arch-enemy, the evil master of disguise, Irene Adler, is responsible for the crime!

With the help of Jane Watson and your students, Sherlock uses his “extraordinary powers of observa

tion” to find the clues to rescue Dr. Watson! Travelling on the Trans-Siberian Railway, Jane and Sherlock solve baffling riddles and meet dangerous and mysterious characters, finding clues in order to solve the curious case and save Dr. Watson!



CALLIOPE’S A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Lord, What Fools These Mortals Be!'

Shakespeare is back and this time he’s taking no chances! A Midsummer Night’s Dream is about to go into rehearsal and everything is just right: the scenery has been built, the costumes have been sewn, and the props are finished and ready. Nothing can go wrong. Except… this is theatre, and nothing goes as planned!

As Shakespeare’s plans begin to fall apart, he is forced to call on old acquaintances to help him. Queen Elizabeth and Richarda ‘Rikki-with-an-i’ Burbage return to lend a hand as Shakespeare desperately tries to salvage his production. One thing is certain. It’s time for… AUDITIONS!